GCC is very Guildford focussed. We want to see God blessing the town, transforming it through the gospel and bringing it into its God given identity.

GCC has been described as an 'inside out' congregation and there is a lot of emphasis put on our role in the community and work place. Light is made to shine in the darkness.

We love to work along side other churches and come together to see our town transformed.



Some of the things we are currently involved with are:

Messy Church - We run this in partnership with St.Clare's church on Park Barn Estate 2nd Thursday of the month 3.30-5.30pm 

SOZO ministry -

Healing Guildford - http://www.healingguildford.org.uk

Prophetic Evangelism - We run monthly outreach in the town to offer prayer and prophecy to people

Eden People  - 

Untamed Festival -  https://www.untamedguildford.com

Friends International - https://friendsinternational.uk/

For more information on any of these ministries or to find out more, please contact the church office